About Us

We love San Francisco and San Francisco Real Estate! There is nowhere on the planet as charming, beautiful and culturally diverse as this town. Consider this Hill & Co. Real Estate blog a celebration of all things San Francisco.

We’ll tell you about a hidden gem of a restaurant or alert you to events, exhibits and activities you might find interesting. From world famous landmarks to obscure, esoteric pursuits, we’ll take you there. We’ll also share photos and videos that seem to capture the City we love in unexpected ways.

With one item every weekday, we give you the very best the City has to offer. You can rest easy- you won’t find any ads or promotion here. This is intended to be a low-key, fun place to visit.

Full disclosure: We are associated with Hill & Co. Real Estate, and yes, we’d be delighted to sell you a home. But the purpose of this blog is to simply celebrate San Francisco. To show you the City we’ve seen as we’ve traveled its streets and explored its various neighborhoods.

So sit back, get a cup of coffee at your favorite local spot and enjoy. We hope this will feel like visiting with old friends in a very special place – in the City by the Bay!

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