Add Some Color To Your Monday!


One of the things we love most about this City is the diverse, unique houses scattered throughout the various neighborhoods. Take a look at UpOut’s latest post, where they show  how one Instagram user @patrix15 has captured many of the City’s most unique homes.

Check out UpOut’s post here and @patrix15 Instagram page for even more unique SF houses. We think they are all wonderful, which is your favorite?

Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

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This weekend don’t miss the Indonesia Day Festival which will take place in Union Square this Saturday from 11am to 4pm. It is an annual event which celebrates Indonesian dance, food and culture. More information on this event can be found here. 

The SF Etsy Summer Pop-Up Market is a weekend-long event in Ghirardelli Square where over 60 artisan street vendors will be selling unique goods throughout the day.

If you are looking for something different to do this Saturday evening “Lost in Translation” will be screened in Washington Square Park at 7:45pm as part of the “Film Night in the Park” series.  Get there early to secure a good spot!


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 8/21/16 – 8/27/16:

After years of huge rent increases, why has the rental market softened a bit in San Francisco? Emily Landes, a writer for SFGate’s “On the Block,” suggests that increased construction may have caught up with demand.

She points out that after years of slow apartment development, San Francisco is actually expecting to see over 9,000 new units come to market in 2016. That boosts rental inventory by 126 percent over 2015’s numbers, according to her source, RentCafe.

Rent growth for San Francisco is projected to be only 3.7 percent this year – way down form the double digit increases we had been seeing. It’s interesting to note that the nation’s highest rent growth currently belongs to Sacramento, at 11 percent. Very short supply and strong job growth appear to be the culprits there. Sound familiar?

SF’s Muni Gets a Revamp

cityview Hodgepodge Thursday

Looks like as soon as the beginning of next year we can expect to see dazzling new trains taking over our MUNI tracks, as the SFMTA revealed a glimpse of what the new MUNI cars will look like in a press release on Monday.

A lot of the improvements to the trains will be from an operational point of view, such as the MUNI reportedly becoming more reliable and mechanically proficient, as well as being far more energy efficient.

There will also be more prominent line colors for train routes, steps that raise automatically and the layout of the seats on the trains has been reconfigured, with seats being laid out  longitudinally in the new model.

For more information on the new train model and to see some images of what next year’s MUNI will look like, click here. 

Shopping Local this Weekend

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Mark the end of the Summer this weekend with a pop-up market to remember taking place in Ghirardelli Square. Brought to you by Etsy, the weekend long event will take place from 11am to 5pm on both Saturday and Sunday.

For those of you who haven’t heard of Etsy, they are a marketplace with a strong online community, where creative entrepreneurs get the chance to sell their unique and vintage goods from both online and offline events such as the event at Ghirardelli Square this weekend.

Highlights of the weekend include over 60 local artisan vendors setting up in the square, a beer garden with stunning views brought to you by Lagunitas, as well as some of the best chocolate and ice cream San Francisco has to offer!

The event is free to attend but make sure to bring some cash along with you as food and drink is for purchase, as well as anything you may purchase from a vendor. See you there!


Did Someone Say BYOB?

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With San Francisco having some of the best restaurants in the entire US, it is no surprise that going out for dinner is a regular occurrence for most in the City. However, with a glass of wine in most restaurants costing anything from $8 upwards the entire experience can become costly once drinks are accounted for.

Luckily there is a selection of restaurants scattered across town that allow you to BYOB (Bring Your Own Booze), meaning you can bring your favorite bottle of wine from home and save some dollars! What’s not to love?

The wonderful people at UpOutSF have put together a list of 17 restaurants which allow you to bring your alcohol to dinner with you. Take a look at the list here and let us know which is your favorite!

Pokémon Found Here

Art Monday Jump Start Pokemon

Maybe you’ve heard of it. Pokémon GO? Since its release just a couple of weeks ago, it’s taken over the City, and the world.  According to Curbed SF, the mobile game was created by San Francisco’s own Niantic Labs – an offshoot of Google, in cooperation with Nintendo and the Pokémon Company.

The augmented reality game involves urban exploration, as new Pokémon pop up in different neighborhoods. As a player, you’re supposed to locate and capture them.

Curbed just published a map that shows where Pokémon have been caught throughout the City. This is proof they’re out there, and your chance to maybe see what you’re missing.

Weekend Events and The Weekly Real Estate Update

Skyline -Its Friday Banner


Tony Bennett’s 90th birthday is being celebrated in the City today, with the unveiling of an 8 foot tall, bronze structure of him at noon.  The festivities will begin at 11:30am today, on the lawn of the Fairmont in Nob Hill.

Be sure to check out the 98th Annual Italian Festival “Festa Coloniale Italiana” in North Beach on Saturday. You can read more about this event in our blog post earlier this week. 


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 8/14/16 – 8/20/16:

While San Francisco home values have never been higher,’s “On the Block” had a pretty interesting post on Monday. It identifies four surprising factors that can lower San Francisco home prices. No two properties are alike, but these are some things that might indeed prove detrimental.

1. Ongoing litigation can hurt a property’s value. Until litigation is resolved, banks typically won’t loan on the property, limiting the pool of buyers to all-cash prospects. That can bring down the value of the property, at least until the litigation is over.

2. Noise can be a problem. A busy street, or being next to a firehouse or school can factor into a home’s diminished value.

3. Also problematic are fixer-uppers. Most buyers want a home that’s turnkey – they aren’t looking to make a huge investment in time or money upgrading a place. Be aware, though, that many buyers would rather take on a project than settle for a kitchen or bathroom that has been renovated, but not to their tastes.

4. Lastly, according to the article, sellers themselves can have a detrimental impact on the price of a home. Sellers have to be realistic about the accurate value of their property. If they insist on overpricing it, buyers will lose interest and stay away, ultimately damaging the perceived value of the home as a result.