Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

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This weekend you can stroll down Union Street Saturday and take in the neighborhood’s 26th Annual Fantasy of Lights celebration, and then lace up your running shoes and put on your Santa hat for Sunday’s Run Wild San(ta) Francisco 5K at Crissy Field, benefiting the San Francisco Firefighter’s Toy Program.
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On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 11/27/16 – 12/3/16

Gill South, writing for Inman News, reported recently that economists are currently painting a fairly rosy picture for the housing market. The economy is doing well, and as long as that remains the case, the housing market will follow.

The report suggests that across the country there are 5 hot markets, 33 warm markets, and 12 cold markets. San Francisco, formerly a hot market, is now considered a warm market. Buyers have become more cautious, and that has led to some deceleration and normalization in our local marketplace.

The report includes one area of concern. Rising interest rates will impact buyers and sellers alike. Depending upon how high interest rates rise, buyers could have fewer homes to choose from, and consequently the pool of potential buyers may shrink for sellers. To illustrate the point, the report says that 25 percent of buyers in the Bay Area can afford a $1 million mortgage at 4 percent, 20 percent at 5 percent, and 16 percent at 6 percent.

Warriors Win on the Court, and in the Courtroom


The Warriors are closer to breaking ground on their new San Francisco Mission Bay arena. Two days ago a state appeals court upheld the City’s plan to manage increased traffic congestion and said it would not impede traffic to a nearby hospital or damage the environment.

The team is scheduled to move from Oakland to their new 18,500-seat arena in 2019. The Warriors originally moved west from Philadelphia and played in San Francisco from 1962 to 1971.

The Warriors are currently riding a 12-game winning streak – the third longest in the team’s history. They’ve proven over the last three seasons that they can win big on the basketball court. This week, they showed they can also win big in the courtroom.

Groundbreaking could start at the arena’s Third and 16th Streets location very soon.

26th Annual Union Street Fantasy of Lights


Union Street is always appealing, but never more so than during the holiday season, when thousands of holiday lights illuminate the Victorians, shops and restaurants found here. It makes the early darkness of December almost worth it.

This Saturday, Union Street officially kicks off its Fantasy of Lights celebration, now in its 26th year. Santa will be there, naturally, along with a team of elves, jugglers, live ponies dressed as reindeer, face painters, balloon artists, costumed characters, singers and live entertainment.

From 3 to 5:30 PM there will even be horse drawn carriage rides. It really is a magical place to be. The weather is supposed to be clear but of course colder in the evening, so bundle up and just enjoy the atmosphere of it all.

Turkey Is So Last Week, Today We’re Talking Fried Chicken


Thanksgiving and turkey and gravy are behind us. Time to turn our attention once again to one of our favorites, fried chicken. Eater SF just published a feature that identifies what they consider to be the 20 best fried chicken dishes in San Francisco.

The writers point out that the City may not be known for its Southern food, but San Francisco celebrates the diversity of its cuisines – and that’s true even when it comes to fried chicken. So here you’ll find the traditional Southern soul food you would expect, along with Japanese karaage, Asian wings, and more.

To see the entire list, along with descriptions and an interactive map that provides exact locations, click here.

16 Places in San Francisco to Take Your Out-of-Town Relatives


We always love the Curbed SF features where they present content using an interactive map. It enables you to plan your excursions perfectly. This time, they’ve published a guide to 16 places in San Francisco to take your out-of-town relatives.

This information could definitely come in handy about the third day of any visit, when your relatives are staring at you and asking, “What’s next?” Even if you don’t have visiting relatives, these spots might be worth taking in by yourself or with a friend or two.

Some of these things we’ve mentioned in previous posts, but some are new to us. Take a look and see if there aren’t some spots you’ve missed while wandering around the City. To see the page, click here.

San Francisco’s Best Thanksgiving Restaurants


If you haven’t yet finalized your plans for Thanksgiving dinner, there’s no need to panic or rush. A number of very good restaurants will be open Thursday, and they will be happy to do all the heavy lifting for you.

Time Out San Francisco published a wonderful guide to restaurants serving up special turkey dinners with all the fixings and beyond. Some are more expensive and elaborate than others, but one is sure to be suited to your taste and budget.

From Ame in the St. Regis Hotel (Price: $110 per person) to Garibaldis (Price: $70 per person) to Tommy’s Joynt (Price: $23 per person), the list showcases some nineteen restaurants in all, and includes descriptions, locations, phone numbers and lots more information on each spot. To see the entire list, click here.