29 San Francisco Restaurants and Bars with Cozy Fireplaces

Whether it’s raining out, foggy, or just windy and cold, there’s nothing quite like a hot meal, or a hot toddy, and a fire burning in a fireplace to warm you up. SF.Eater.com just posted a guide and interactive map to 29 restaurants and bars in San Francisco that feature a fireplace. Clearly, there are lots of them, and they are located throughout the City!

Go to the post and just scroll down the list for photos and descriptions. The interactive map on the right will show you where each spot is located as you scroll. Of the 29 they include, here are five of our favorites:

For more details, and more spots to choose from, click here.


A Taste of Ethiopia in San Francisco

One of the most wonderful things about San Francisco is that you can sample cuisines from literally all over the world. If you have an open mind, and a taste for adventure, you’ll find these foodie outings rather fascinating and even enlightening, in a way that a hamburger or a slice of pizza — no matter how good — could simply never be.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen. The restaurant now has two locations, one in the Tenderloin and one in Mission Bay, and its dishes generate rave reviews.

The meals they serve are going to look unfamiliar. There’s no silverware. What’s more, the owners feel compelled to include a glossary on their website to help familiarize you with the dishes they serve. Nevertheless, we think you’re going to love it.

One final note. Hill & Co. Senior Vice President Eileen Mougeot is a board member of the non-profit organization, Ethiopian Village Schools. The group builds classrooms and libraries in rural Ethiopia. She’s been to that country many times. It is an arduous journey, a terribly long flight followed by bumpy rides through the back country. You can see why an Uber ride to Tadu in SF is so appealing.

Visit one of the two Tadu locations. And if you’d like more information on Ethiopian Village Schools, or to make a donation, please click here.

The Best Spots in San Francisco for Korean Dishes

After watching the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, some may have been inspired to work on their half-pipe skills, perfecting their own versions of Shaun White’s “Double McTwist 1260.” Others of us thought, hmmm, I feel like having some Korean barbecue tonight.

7×7 just published the perfect guide to Korean spots in San Francisco. Here are their recommendations:

To read the entire feature, with descriptions of each restaurant’s best dishes, click here.


SF Beer Week Ends this Weekend!

This weekend is your last chance to take in an SF Beer Week event or two. There are still tons of them scheduled to take place on Saturday and Sunday. Your best bet is to go to the SF Beer Week website, click on Schedule, click on All Dates, and then pick the day you want to look at. All the events for that day are displayed.

Find the one that speaks to you — whether it’s the Wagyu Pho Brunch at Hitachino Beer & Wagyu, Darkside – Dark Beers and Heavy Metal at Emporium SF-Arcade Bar Venue, or the Food Truck Bonanza at Barebottle Brewing Company.

The 10th Annual SF Beer Week
February 9 through 18, 2018


The Most Popular Type of Food in Each SF Neighborhood

This is kind of fun. A Google mapping project has determined the most popular type of food in each of San Francisco’s neighborhoods. To do this,  Google compiled the “aggregated, anonymized, and differentially private” data from users who opted into Google Location History. Got that?

Anyway, according to SFGate.com, a neighborhood cuisine’s popularity breaks down just about how you would expect. Restaurant-goers most often frequented pizza and Italian places while in North Beach, Chinese restaurants around Chinatown and the Richmond, and Mexican spots when in the Mission District.

Turns out Mexican food is the City’s overall favorite, just as it is for California as a whole. Nationally, San Francisco proved to be a “cuisine capital” for coffee (it ranked #6 for most java shop visits), Chinese (#2) and seafood (#9).

To see the map, click here, scroll to the bottom of the page, and select San Francisco. You can enlarge the map as you wish.


SF Beer Week 2018 Kicks Off Friday

Okay. So this thing doesn’t start until later this week. Still, we wanted to give you plenty of time to make your plans.

Organizers say SF Beer Week is a grassroots collection of events hosted by hundreds of different breweries, restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout San Francisco and the region. These curated events celebrate craft beer and the craft beer community. No one event, venue, or kind of beer defines it.

Events are hosted at a wide range of locations, and may cater to various beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, aged, cask-conditioned), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners), and entertainment interests (movies, games, sporting events). There are even TED Talk-style educational seminars.

It’s complicated, but oh so rewarding. SFGate.com provides a list and descriptions of the events they believe are most promising. Or if you prefer, study the entire schedule yourself – you can sort by the type of event you want to attend – and start making your plans today!

The 10th Annual SF Beer Week
February 9 through 18, 2018


The New Tapas Place on Divisadero

Barvale opened in early December, and it’s certainly worth noting. This is the 23rd restaurant opened by Adriano Paganini’s Back of House restaurant group. It’s also the first Spanish one from the company, which is behind Beretta, Delarosa, Flores, Super Duper Burger, and more.

According to the Chronicle, “Barvale is the result of what Paganini does often: scope the Bay Area food scene, identify a hole and create something that could safely fill it. From the beginning, he said Barvale wasn’t meant be a traditional sit-down restaurant, but more of a communal stop for groups of friends headed out for the night.”

In his review of the restaurant, critic Michael Bauer thought the food could be better. However, he did concede that if Barvale’s goal is to be a fun place to gather for drinks and a few bites, it is already a success.

Why not check it out for yourself and see what you think.

Barvale 661 Divisadero (at Grove)
Open 5 PM to Midnight Sunday to Thursday; 5 PM to 1 AM Friday and Saturday