Great Review For A New Spot In The Richmond District

Chronicle Restaurant Critic and Editor at Large Michael Bauer just gave Pearl, a new restaurant in the Richmond District, a wonderful review. The longtime food critic says the best neighborhood restaurants become the beacon that gives the neighborhood its identity, and with its good food, comfortable surroundings, and service that is understated but efficient, Pearl is a shining example.

The writer explains that it took years, but Jack Murphy, who made Pizzetta 211 a destination pizza restaurant in the Outer Richmond, has expanded. Murphy’s new restaurant, Pearl, is the type of refined neighborhood place that used to open nearly weekly in San Francisco and enriched the dining scene. But that has recently been lost in the guise of quick-casual spots, fixed price menus, and upscale destination restaurants.

In another rare move, according to the review, Murphy turned his back on outside investors. Instead he brought in eight employees who all work in the restaurant and collectively came up with the concept and design.

To learn more about the restaurant and its menu, please read the Bauer review in its entirety, or visit Pearl’s website.

5 PM to 10 PM nightly. Closed on Mondays. Weekday mornings from 7:30 AM until 2 PM. Bagels until they run out. Weekend brunch service from 10 AM to 2 PM.
6101 California Street


The New Restaurant “Son’s Addition” Is a Family Affair

Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer recently wrote a glowing review about “Son’s Addition,” a new place located in the Mission at  2990 24th Street. It’s a husband and wife affair, and it scores big points with Bauer. The critic explains his enthusiasm:

“Son’s Addition feels like a throwback to another era. That isn’t a knock.”

“No, I’m referring to a time when chefs were able to open small restaurants without outside investors and with food good enough to make national news.”

“Chef Nick Cobarruvias and his wife, Anna Sager Cobarruvias, have created on 24th Street in the Mission a restaurant that feels akin to small-scale places with big impact such as Delfina when it opened nearly 20 years ago, Frances when it opened nine years ago, and Rich Table, which debuted five years ago.”

“In each generation there are a few of these gems, but they appear less frequently today as rents and labor costs skyrocket. When I see places like Son’s Addition coming onto the scene, I have hope.”

To read the entire column, click here.

Son’s Addition 2990 24th Street

Hours: Sunday – Wednesday 5PM to 10PM , Thursday – Saturday 5PM to 11PM Reservations: 415.500.2817

Café Claude: A Little Bit of Paris Just Off Union Square

The prestigious Michelin guide has announced that it will release its star rankings for 2018 tomorrow. Originally scheduled for October 12, the  fires in Napa and Sonoma caused the organization to postpone its announcement for the first time since it began publishing in the U.S. in 2005.

We will fill you in on their selections next Tuesday. In the meantime, we thought we’d introduce you to a place that Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer described last week as one of his favorite French restaurants in the Bay Area. Café Claude.

Located on Claude Alley off Bush Street, you might walk past it and never know it. But stop, and look for it. Bauer says the food is fabulous, and the prices seem fairly reasonable. It has an outdoor covered patio, a traditional bar, and a cozy bistro look.

What’s not to like!?

Café Claude; 7 Claude Lane, San Francisco; 415.392.3505. All-day menu for lunch and dinner Monday-Saturday; open for dinner only on Sunday.

Michael Bauer’s Top 100 Bay Area Restaurants in 2017

Michael Bauer is the San Francisco Chronicle’s celebrated food critic and editor. He has put out this Top 100 list annually for the last 22 of his 28 years at the paper. Everyone in the industry, and anyone who likes to eat, looks forward to its release.

The restaurants he includes can be found throughout the Bay Area. He visits each restaurant several times. Describing what he has found, he said, “So many high-quality restaurants have opened in recent years that it feels as if we’re in the golden age of dining. The downside: It can take a lot of gold to eat out these days.”

To offset “price creep,” this year’s Top 100 includes many more lower priced eating establishments, places he says he goes to “on my own dime.”

The feature has been placed online, and it really is a sweet guide, with a review of each spot, along with useful details, photos, and links to restaurant websites. To see it, click here.

The 30 Most Important Bay Area Restaurants of the Last 30 Years


Michael Bauer is the San Francisco Chronicle’s celebrated food critic. He has been reviewing San Francisco and Bay Area restaurants forever, and on the occasion of his 30th anniversary, the Chronicle posted a wonderful feature that presents and describes the most important restaurant from each of his years at the paper.

These restaurants may not have been the best restaurants in any particular year, but each is deemed the one that turned out to be the most influential. From Sushi Ran in 1986 to In Situ in 2016, we think you’ll find it fascinating. To see the entire feature, click here.

Michael Bauer’s Top 10 New Restaurants of 2015


San Francisco Chronicle restaurant critic Michael Bauer just named his picks for the Bay Area’s top ten new restaurants of 2015, and nine of the ten are in San Francisco. These must be good, because as he points out, the magazine Bon Appétit called San Francisco the best dining city in the country, and named Al’s Place the best new restaurant in America.

Here are Michael’s picks, in order: