Sunday Streets Kicks Off Its 10th Anniversary Season This Sunday

Sunday Streets kicks off its 10th anniversary season in the Mission this Sunday. From Duboce Avenue to 26th Street, Valencia Street will be turned into to a car-free community space for all to enjoy.

Inspired by the Ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia, Sunday Streets is a series of free, fun events empowering local communities to transform one to four miles of car-congested streets into car-free community spaces for kids to play, seniors to stroll, organizations to connect, and neighbors to meet.

Sunday Streets block parties take place all over the City from March through October, and typically last about five hours. The Mission is home to two Sunday Streets events annually, celebrating the area’s rich history and local offerings — giving both residents and visitors a chance to experience the area’s murals, art and diverse mix of businesses in an accessible, community-driven setting.

To see where Sunday Streets will take place in the weeks and months ahead, click here.


A Taste of Ethiopia in San Francisco

One of the most wonderful things about San Francisco is that you can sample cuisines from literally all over the world. If you have an open mind, and a taste for adventure, you’ll find these foodie outings rather fascinating and even enlightening, in a way that a hamburger or a slice of pizza — no matter how good — could simply never be.

With this in mind, we’d like to introduce you to Tadu Ethiopian Kitchen. The restaurant now has two locations, one in the Tenderloin and one in Mission Bay, and its dishes generate rave reviews.

The meals they serve are going to look unfamiliar. There’s no silverware. What’s more, the owners feel compelled to include a glossary on their website to help familiarize you with the dishes they serve. Nevertheless, we think you’re going to love it.

One final note. Hill & Co. Senior Vice President Eileen Mougeot is a board member of the non-profit organization, Ethiopian Village Schools. The group builds classrooms and libraries in rural Ethiopia. She’s been to that country many times. It is an arduous journey, a terribly long flight followed by bumpy rides through the back country. You can see why an Uber ride to Tadu in SF is so appealing.

Visit one of the two Tadu locations. And if you’d like more information on Ethiopian Village Schools, or to make a donation, please click here.

Divine Bodies on Display at the Asian Art Museum

Beginning this Friday, the Asian Art Museum will be presenting Divine Bodies, an ambitious exhibition that will be on display through July 29.

This is how the museum describes it:

“Bringing historical paintings and sculptures from mainly Hindu and Buddhist traditions together with contemporary photo-based work, Divine Bodies invites you to ponder the power of transformation, the possibility of transcendence, and the relationship of the body to the cosmos.”

“The exhibition is organized into thematic sections that encourage us to look at objects not only as artworks but also as devotional images and ask, ‘How can we see the human in the divine and the divine in the human?'”

Doesn’t this sound like a wonderful break from the coarse nature of the discourse that besieges us today? It certainly seems worth a look!

Asian Art Museum
200 Larkin Street, San Francisco


Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

It’s likely going to rain this weekend, so keep that in mind as you make your plans. Here are some things going on: On Saturday and Sunday, The Old Mint will be hosting San Francisco History Days, where you can immerse in San Francisco of yesteryear through film, photos, exhibits, presentations, and interactions. On Saturday the 38th Annual Black Cuisine Festival takes place in Bayview Hunters Point at the Dr. George W. Davis Senior Center. And on Sunday, there are a bunch of Oscar parties happening throughout the City. Go to for information on many of them.

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 2/15/18 – 3/3/18

Trends in the City’s Commercial Real Estate Market

Success has its rewards, and its challenges. We’ve discussed how San Francisco home prices have gone up dramatically in recent years, in part because of an expanding and affluent workforce. The tech sector is driving demand and the inventory of homes for sale hasn’t been able to keep up, especially when it comes to single family homes.

As you might expect, scarcity is impacting commercial real estate, right along with residential real estate. A recent report in the San Francisco Chronicle describes how Google, Apple, and Facebook are gobbling up commercial space throughout the Bay Area as they expand.

The presence of large tech companies can make it difficult for startups and other businesses to find space, as landlords may be more willing to work with established, deep-pocketed firms that can pay more rent, sign longer leases, and maybe even buy the property in the future.

Very real challenges exist in both commercial and residential real estate, but they are the byproduct of the Bay Area’s robust and enviable economy.


5 Hot Tubs in SF for a Restorative Soak

Feeling stressed, or achy, or both? Nothing like a good soak in a comforting hot tub to ease it all away.  Of course massages, steam rooms, saunas, and tea help as well. 7× just posted a list of five spots they like best for just this kind of escape.

To see the entire piece, along with brief descriptions of each location, click here.


San Francisco History Days at the Old Mint

After a mostly dry winter, it may actually rain this weekend, and so we’re recommending an event that takes place indoors if you’re looking for something to do. The Old Mint will be hosting San Francisco History Days on both Saturday and Sunday.

Dozens of organizations will be on hand to celebrate and tell stories about the City’s unique past. You’re invited to meet community historians, archivists, genealogists, archaeologists, researchers, educators, re-enactors, and other history enthusiasts at this FREE, all-ages weekend event.

What’s more, mini-theaters and galleries will be set up in the ground floor vaults of the Old Mint over the weekend, where found footage, film features, and rare and newly digitized photos will all be presented. Dozens of authors will also be on hand to discuss and sell their books on local historical themes.

For complete schedules and to learn more, please click here.


The Best Spots in San Francisco for Korean Dishes

After watching the Winter Olympics in PyeongChang, South Korea, some may have been inspired to work on their half-pipe skills, perfecting their own versions of Shaun White’s “Double McTwist 1260.” Others of us thought, hmmm, I feel like having some Korean barbecue tonight.

7×7 just published the perfect guide to Korean spots in San Francisco. Here are their recommendations:

To read the entire feature, with descriptions of each restaurant’s best dishes, click here.