Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

The huge Outside Lands festival takes place this weekend in Golden Gate Park. It’s an amazing celebration of music, food, wine, beer, art, and comedy from the 11th through the 13th. Of course, if you don’t already have tickets, you might be out of luck. If that’s the case, you might consider taking in the Pistahan Parade and Festival on Saturday and/or Sunday, or just watching the meteor showers on Friday and Saturday nights — the best spots for that in San Francisco are the Parade Grounds at the Presidio and Point Lobos near Lands End.

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 8/7/17 – 8/13/17

As we’ve been reporting, price reductions in Pacific Heights, Lower Pacific Heights, Presidio Heights, and Cow Hollow have been increasing over the past couple of years, as some sellers have overestimated what buyers are willing to pay.

According to a recent report in the New Fillmore, 43 percent of the single-family homes and condominiums sold in these neighborhoods between mid-June and mid-July were subject to price reductions.

Even in the face of low inventories, buyers are reluctant to pay inflated amounts for properties not priced correctly. Two years ago, during the same time period, only 14 percent of properties in the neighborhood had price cuts. Last year, that number rose to 37 percent.

You may see that homes have sold over the asking price, but that is only after reductions on the original price have been made.

Our Psychedelic Conservatory of Flowers

You won’t want to miss the nightly Summer of Love light art extravaganza from sundown to midnight in Golden Gate Park. Bright colors, spinning flower mandalas, animated butterflies and gorgeous plant-and-nature imagery transform San Francisco’s historic Conservatory of Flowers into a psychedelic illuminated canvas inspired by the rare tropical flowers within and the legacy of San Francisco’s flower children.

Now through Oct. 21, 2017, a series of exquisite, large-scale illuminated scenes will be projected onto the landmark glass-and-wood Victorian greenhouse’s elaborate dome and arch-shaped wings in celebration of the 50th Anniversary of 1967’s Summer of Love.

According to San Francisco Travel, light show creator Obscura Digital has pushed gobo lighting tecnhology farther than ever before by applying video projection mapping techniques to the glass slides. The Conservatory building was laser scanned to create a 3D model, on which the studio used image warping and masking to conform the images to the details of the architectural geometry.

The Pistahan Parade & Festival Happens this Weekend

If you haven’t already bought tickets for Outside Lands, you might want to check out the Pistahan Parade & Festival taking place this Saturday and Sunday. Billed as the largest celebration of Filipino Americans in the U.S., the two-day event is organized by the Filipino American Arts Exposition, and is expected to draw over 75,000 people each day. Admission is free, and the event promises to be fun for the entire family.

The grand parade will start on Saturday at 11AM, and proceed from the SF Civic Center, along Market towards 4th Street. The festival takes place from 11AM to 5PM both days at SF Yerba Buena Gardens.

Restaurant Critic Declares Hayes Valley the New Mission

When it comes to restaurants, San Francisco’s Hayes Valley is the new Mission, according to San Francisco Chronicle Restaurant Critic and Executive Food and Wine Editor Michael Bauer. He says spots are opening in this neighborhood like they were a few years ago on Valencia Street.

“In the last year alone I’ve reviewed Nightbird, Corridor and A Mano. The latest, RT Rotisserie, adds another great option to the expanding neighborhood and for those visiting one of the nearby performance centers.”

Michael Bauer

RT Rotisserie, the focus of his review, is a quick-serve restaurant with counter service, but there is no compromise in the quality of the food. The critic says the quick-serve concept is the wave of the future. And it makes a lot of sense in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, increasingly filled with young workers who want something fast and good. There’s also a built-in audience during performance season at the nearby opera, symphony, ballet, and jazz venues, for people who want a bite before or after the event.

When describing the chicken at RT Rotisserie, Bauer says, “[it’s] one of the best rotisserie chickens I’ve had. It’s so good that I kept forgetting to use one of the four sauces provided: chimichurri, Douglas fir sour cream, chipotle yogurt and Nanny’s barbecue.”

To see the entire column, click here.

RT Rotisserie 101 Oak Street 415.829.7086

Market Street to Ban Private Vehicles in Coming Years

Once again we start the week talking about construction, and projects in the works. That might be because construction is taking place all over the City, and San Francisco will emerge in a few years as a very different place. Fingers crossed, all for the better!

Hoodline reported last week that significant changes are coming to Market Street. We’ve heard about this for years, but it looks like construction could start in late 2018 or early 2019.

The $604 million Better Market Street project is set to bring pedestrian, bicycle, and public transportation improvements to 2.2 miles of one of the City’s busiest streets, between Octavia Boulevard and the Embarcadero.

Once the project is completed, plans include restricting private vehicles from certain portions of the street. Market between 10th Street and the Embarcadero could only see commercial vehicles, buses and the historic F-Line streetcars.

For more details and to see some illustrations that show how Market Street may look in the coming years, click here.

Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

The 15th Annual Jerry Day takes place Sunday at McLaren Park, celebrating one of the greatest rock guitarists of all time and San Francisco native son, Jerry Garcia and his Excelsior roots. The lineup includes Stu Allen & Mars Hotel, Melvin Seals and JGB, and Midnight North. Admission is free.

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 7/30/17 – 8/6/17

Hill & Co. Sales Manager Jill Gumina was quoted in Sunday’s San Francisco Chronicle, responding to the question “What affect will the Millennium Tower have on Bay Area high-rise real estate?” Here’s what she said:

“The immediate effect is it may take more time and money to get projects through the city for new developments which is already a cumbersome and expensive process at best. Those costs, unfortunately, will be passed through to the consumer. The longer term effects are the importance for everyone involved to accept they share culpability and to devise a solid plan to prevent this type of catastrophic event from happening again. We need a balance between cost-effective and sound construction methods to maintain viable commercial and residential structures.”

“Developers and contractors need to be held to the highest standard of design and construction. City employees from the Planning Department to on-site inspectors must be accountable for their review process. It is critical that they oversee all aspects of approval of the project through to its completion. In the past, developers and architects typically thought only in terms of their own ventures and didn’t necessarily anticipate the impact their project would have on surrounding areas.”

“The Millenium Tower issues have changed that forever as we acknowledge the importance of a holistic approach to overall community development. City powers-that-be must adopt a more global view of development and the impact one project can have on an area and community. Everyone involved in further development of San Francisco and other Bay Area communities must realize and accept the importance of their roles in keeping our communities safe to maintain the integrity of its structures and the confidence of its citizens.”

New Video: How the Golden Gate Bridge Became an Icon

The Golden Gate Bridge is one of the City’s great icons. It all happened by accident, according to a new video just posted by the San Francisco Chronicle. The video runs just over a minute and half long, and it tells a pretty remarkable story.

It turns out we’re lucky to have the bridge at all, let alone one as beautiful as it is. Early proposals looked pretty hideous!

To see the video, click here.