San Francisco’s Version of Line Dancing

Now in its 14th year, San Francisco Trolley Dances has become one of the most eagerly-awaited events of the Bay Area’s fall dance season.

On both Saturday and Sunday, for the price of a Muni ticket, you’ll get a “hop-on, hop-off” Muni tour to experience an extraordinary lineup of Bay Area dancers performing 8 to 15 minute pieces in response to the physical environment, architecture, and history of each of the tour’s five stops.

Starting Point: California Institute of Integral Studies
 (1453 Mission Street).
Tours leave at 11AM, 11:45AM, 12:30PM, 1:15PM, 2PM, & 2:45PM on both days.
Each tour runs about two hours.

For details and more information, visit


A Feel Good Story: Off the Grid Food Trucks Offer Help

Andrew Dalton, with, put it perfectly when he wrote recently: “Known mostly for organizing night markets and food truck corrals around the Bay Area, Off the Grid didn’t anticipate being called into action as an emergency services network. But when city officials in Santa Rosa put out a request for “licensed and available mobile food vendors” to help aid its fire relief efforts earlier this week, they might as well have put up a Bat Signal with Off the Grid’s logo on it.”

The company provides infrastructure for dozens of weekly food events, creating regular spaces for its network of mobile vendors, food trucks, catering companies and partner restaurants. Off the Grid’s ubiquitous presence throughout the regional street food scene gives it a deep roster of cooks and resources to call in the wake of a disaster.

Off the Grid founder and CEO Matt Cohen estimated the first wave of vendors served more than 3,500 meals in their first 24 hours in the field. Off the Grid acts as a dispatcher; taking requests from emergency workers who know of areas in need of hot meals and then reaching out to vendor partners nearby. Each vendor is offered $7.50 per meal in compensation, which comes directly out of a gofundme  fund that was established for this very purpose.

To donate to the fund, and for more information on this effort, please click here.

You Have 10 Minutes to Get Out: What Do You Take?

Imagine being told you had ten minutes to evacuate your home, as so many were told last week at 3AM when fires swept through the wine country. Trying to process what is happening, let alone trying to gather all that you need on the fly, would seem an impossible task.

Your best bet is to make an evacuation checklist in advance – one that tells you exactly what you need, and who is responsible for the various things that need to be packed or done. This would eliminate confusion and to some extent panic, as you just move down the list methodically from one item to the next. website provides some wonderful information on what to include in an evacuation checklist, and what you need in your emergency kit. The site also suggests that you conduct evacuation drills, so that everyone knows their parts. It’s important to time these drills as well, to be sure that you are able to complete everything within the allotted ten minutes.

All of this may sound silly, or overly fearful. But if you ever wind up in a situation like this, you’ll be unbelievably glad you planned ahead!  For more information and a sample checklist, click here.

Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

The 2017 Yerba Buena Night Outdoor Arts Festival takes place on Saturday night, from 6 to 10PM. Also on Saturday night, Lit Crawl San Francisco will happen, attracting close to 10,000 people to the Mission District’s Valencia Street corridor. Part of Litquake, this is the largest LitCrawl in the world.  Finally, Pier 39 had a planned 39th anniversary party for Saturday that was to conclude with fireworks. In light of the North Bay wildfires, they have canceled the fireworks, and have now turned their Birthday Bash into a Party with a Purpose. See their Facebook page for details by clicking here.

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 10/8/17 – 10/14/17

Preemptive Offers in Today’s Marketplace

Hill & Co. Sales Manager Jill Gumina was quoted again in a recent San Francisco Chronicle real estate column, this time responding to the question “What are the pros and cons of preemptive offers?” Here’s her reply:

“Preemptive offers are buyers’ written offers that sellers are willing to consider prior to a previously set offer date. In other words, an offer date may be set for October 5th but a buyer offers to purchase the property at a certain price before that date and if successful, no other offers can be accepted.”

“It can be a controversial move, as one can imagine, that might anger potential buyers and their agents who were acting in good faith that a date is set and everyone’s offers will be considered at the same time.”

“On the other hand, aggressive buyers who are willing to offer more than market price, perhaps pay all cash and have few if any contingencies want their offer to be considered without competition from other buyers – a possible win-win for both seller and buyer.”

“Many listing agents and their sellers will refuse to consider preemptive offers once the date has been set. A professional Realtor can explain fully the pros and cons of making and/or accepting this type of offer.”


Dropbox Just Signed the Biggest Lease in the City’s History

Dropbox just signed a lease for a whopping 736,000-square-foot office complex under construction in Mission Bay, according to This makes it the single largest lease in San Francisco history. The new complex, a $570-million development, consists of four buildings located at 1800 Owens. Employees will begin moving in towards the end of 2018.

Dropbox will now occupy even more space than Salesforce, the San Francisco’s former leasing champ, which has a lease for 714,000 square feet in the City’s largest tower.

Facebook also made headiness recently by locking up space at the coveted 181 Fremont location. The social media company’s Instagram division will move to Yerba Buena when the tower opens in 2018.

Of 5.4 million square feet of office space under construction in San Francisco, 84 percent has been pre-leased. That is an astonishing figure!

Yerba Buena Night: The Performance of a Nighttime

Yerba Buena Night is one of San Francisco’s biggest FREE evening performance and visual art events. Organizers say that for one night you’ll hear upbeat bands, witness thought provoking visual artists, watch entertaining and fun performances, experience uplifting dance, and encounter many more surprises.

This outdoor event takes place on Saturday, from 6 to 10PM. The location is Jessie Square on Mission Street between 3rd and 4th — across Mission Street from the Yerba Buena Gardens.

For event details and more information on the performers, please click here.

How to Help Those Affected by the Wine Country Fires

We try to always be positive in our posts. There’s enough angst and bad news out there as it is, so we try to make this a safe haven for you. But some things hit close to home, and to ignore them would be simply silly.

In San Francisco we can all see, smell, and taste the smoke in the air — the product of wildfires that broke out and, fanned by strong winds, spread in the wine country just north of us night before last. Napa and Sonoma counties are in flames. The loss of life and property is horrifying. What’s more, when the smoke finally clears, life for many will never be the same, and the landscapes we so cherish will be in places scarred for generations. has created a page that describes what you can do to help, in both the short and long run. The suggestions are very specific and timely, and the page will be updated as recovery efforts continue. We invite you to visit the page, and do what you can, by clicking here.