SF Women Have Children Later Than Anywhere Else In U.S.

SFGate.com published an interesting story yesterday, explaining why San Francisco women have children later in life than anywhere else in the nation.

Women in San Francisco County become first-time mothers, on average, at age 31.9. If they’re married, that number rises to 32.4, and if they’ve got a college degree, it increases to 32.9. Manhattan mothers trail closely behind in the age ranking, as do those in Marin County.

The average age of first-time mothers in the U.S. is 26, and for fathers it’s 31. Those numbers have increased with the decades. In 1972, women typically gave birth at age 21.

Why are San Francisco women giving birth later than others? The answer, though complex, largely boils down to education. Women without college degrees give birth an average of seven years earlier than those with degrees. According to SFGate.com, there are other factors as well as you might expect. Child care costs and the high price of real estate can become a barrier to starting a family in San Francisco and in many other parts of the Bay Area.

When you think about this, none of it is surprising. It’s just interesting to see the actual numbers, and to learn about our ranking in comparison to the rest of the country. To read the entire piece, please click here.