Should You Move to SF?

“Should You Move to SF?” When we saw this headline for a column on SF., we held our breath and read the piece with trepidation.  It’s easy to be negative, and to take shots online. We see that all the time. And these days, San Francisco can be a big target — we certainly have our share of challenges. But we found the post by Brock Keeling and

They begin by looking at the City as a whole, and then get into specifics.

The first thing you should know: SF is expensive. Second thing you should know: It’s small. These two factors will play major roles in your decision and life here, should you choose to accept it.

If you’re coming from a small town, San Francisco will feel larger than life, and overwhelming. On the other hand, if you’re coming from a large metropolis such as New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, or even Philadelphia, SF will seem small. With a conservative amount of space — the city measures 46.87 square miles — you might be surprised to find that, for a city considered the capital of technology, it’s somewhat provincial.

San Francisco is filled with extremes and contradictions, ranging from the microclimates to the economy.

All very true. Here are just some of the specifics they go on to address, explore, and explain:

  • Picking a neighborhood you like is important.
  • If possible, live in SF without a car.
  • Not everyone works in/talks about tech.
  • Political beliefs are really strong.
  • You’ll be spoiled with outdoor space.

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