Merchant Roots Takes Hold 1365 Fillmore Street

Marcia Gagliardi with the Marina Times just introduced us to Merchant Roots, and it sounds like a great spot. It is a specialty food store, wine shop, casual eatery, and fine-dining restaurant, all rolled into one. It’s all highly curated and crafted, and everything is made in-house, from the pastries to all the items in the larder.

This project is from life and business partners Madison Michael and chef Ryan Shelton (previously Baumé, Palo Alto). She is a certified sommelier and cheesemonger, and he’s a skilled chef with a passion for all things Italian.

Jams, cheeses, charcuterie, and a nine-course meal are available in the same room. During the day, you’ll find salads and sandwiches (which you can also get to go), daily pastas, and more. Wine can be purchased by the bottle, including less commonly found varietals and natural wines. The fine dining portion is more like a rarefied dinner party: Three nights per week, The Table at Merchant Roots offers a themed tasting menu that changes every four to six weeks. Make sure to book reservations in advance, however, as the table only seats eight. suggests this dual-purpose concept has now been adopted by a number of places, including The Progress/State Bird Provisions, Fat Angel, and Avery. At Merchant Roots and The Table at Merchant Roots you can get fancy doughnuts in the morning, and an experimental and intimate tasting menu at night, all in the same place. Sounds perfect, doesn’t it.

Merchant Roots
Located in the Historic Fillmore Jazz District
1365 Fillmore St., San Francisco, CA