The Western Conference Finals: The Series Starts Tonight

This is the series for which we’ve waited all year. And this is the game for which we’ve waited all week. The Golden State Warriors take on the Houston Rockets in the first game of the best of seven series tonight at 6 PM.

We are so ready for this game!

Ann Killion, with the San Francisco Chronicle, describes it perfectly in a column published yesterday:

“For the first time in the Steve Kerr era, the Warriors will start a playoff series on the road. In an antagonistic arena. Prepping for the game in hotel rooms and visiting locker rooms. Booed at every turn.

The Warriors knew this was going to be their reality from about the All-Star break on. They settled for not being the top seed as they navigated through injuries, slumps and their own occasional lack of interest in the regular season, while Houston played out the regular season with a higher level of determination. Kind of like the Warriors used to, when they were young and cute and ringless.

Whenever asked about losing home-court advantage, the Warriors shrugged, like it wasn’t that big a deal. That’s a quite different posture than they held the previous three seasons, when gaining the top seed was always listed as one of the team’s top goals.

But this Warriors team is experienced. It knows the drill. This is the (yawn) fourth consecutive deep playoff run.

Starting out in a hostile arena may give them an edge that the Warriors will need to get past talented Houston.

The Warriors appear unstoppable when they are locked in and highly motivated. And what better way to lock in than to have 18,000-plus people hating on you?”

Houston is ready. The Rockets are ready. Golden State is ready. And we are absolutely ready! Let’s get this thing started!