Brunch Spots for Adventurous Moms On Mother’s Day

It’s Mother’s Day this Sunday, so you might want to start thinking about where you’re going to take your mom for brunch. In the nick of time, just published a list showcasing what they claim are the 15 hottest brunch spots in San Francisco, and one place in Berkeley.

You might have to stand in line, and the dishes are somewhat esoteric, but the website promises all of these spots serve up great food. The feature includes an interactive map and brief descriptions of what you’ll find. The four places we found most intriguing are these:

Barcino Serving spectacular Spanish morning dishes 399 Grove Street
Buffalo Theory Fried chicken and waffles, chilaquiles, and more 1735 Polk Street
Fillmore Social Club Playful Korean and Japanese-influenced dishes 1521 Eddy Street
Locanda A taste of Rome in the morning (or early afternoon) 557 Valencia Street

To see’s entire list of hot spots for brunch, click here. If you’d prefer a list of restaurants for a more tried-and-true and traditional brunch with your mom, click here.


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