The Things You Spend Too Much Money On In San Francisco

We all know that living in San Francisco can be expensive. We also know we could cut back on some of our extravagances to save a bit more money, but it’s so hard to do when everything around us is so tempting!

Sometimes, you just have to admit the error of your ways, shake your head, and laugh. just published a playful slideshow that presents some of our most silly expenses — though all completely understandable. They call the feature, The things you hate yourself for spending money on in SF.

The five items that resonate most with us are these:

  • A $30+ workout class
  • Short Lyft rides, instead of taking Muni
  • 10 cent paper bags, when you’ve got reusable bags sitting at home
  • A $14 salad for lunch that you could make yourself for a couple of bucks
  • Ordering stuff you don’t need in order to qualify for free delivery

To see the entire list of 24 items, click here.