Amazing Video About a Chinese Family and Early San Francisco

Seriously, you’ve got to watch this video. It is absolutely amazing. We were doing some research on the Dogpatch neighborhood when we came across it, and we found it captivating.

There are tons of photos and maps showing you how the City looked right after the Gold Rush. There was water where today we see land. There was an extensive network of wooden bridges connecting one part of San Francisco with another. There was a place called Butchertown, and another called Irish Hill.

Dogpatch Ranch: the Origins of a Chinese American Family presents the story of two Chinese immigrants who met and married in San Francisco, and in the late 1800’s chose to raise their seven children not in Chinatown, but rather on a ranch in Dogpatch, on the shore east of Potrero Hill. They were true pioneers who overcame many obstacles to create a life for themselves, and a better life for their children and descendants.

The whole thing is just remarkable. We want to warn you, it runs just over an hour in length. But if you’re like us, you’ll be pausing and rewinding to spend more time with all the images and maps that show so well what San Francisco looked like during some of its earliest days. To see the entire video, please click here.