SF Beer Week 2018 Kicks Off Friday

Okay. So this thing doesn’t start until later this week. Still, we wanted to give you plenty of time to make your plans.

Organizers say SF Beer Week is a grassroots collection of events hosted by hundreds of different breweries, restaurants, bars, and retail stores throughout San Francisco and the region. These curated events celebrate craft beer and the craft beer community. No one event, venue, or kind of beer defines it.

Events are hosted at a wide range of locations, and may cater to various beer tastes (hoppy, sweet and malty, sour, aged, cask-conditioned), food tastes (cheese pairings, dessert pairings, multi-course dinners), and entertainment interests (movies, games, sporting events). There are even TED Talk-style educational seminars.

It’s complicated, but oh so rewarding. SFGate.com provides a list and descriptions of the events they believe are most promising. Or if you prefer, study the entire schedule yourself – you can sort by the type of event you want to attend – and start making your plans today!

The 10th Annual SF Beer Week
February 9 through 18, 2018