A Feel Good Story: Off the Grid Food Trucks Offer Help

Andrew Dalton, with sf.eater.com, put it perfectly when he wrote recently: “Known mostly for organizing night markets and food truck corrals around the Bay Area, Off the Grid didn’t anticipate being called into action as an emergency services network. But when city officials in Santa Rosa put out a request for “licensed and available mobile food vendors” to help aid its fire relief efforts earlier this week, they might as well have put up a Bat Signal with Off the Grid’s logo on it.”

The company provides infrastructure for dozens of weekly food events, creating regular spaces for its network of mobile vendors, food trucks, catering companies and partner restaurants. Off the Grid’s ubiquitous presence throughout the regional street food scene gives it a deep roster of cooks and resources to call in the wake of a disaster.

Off the Grid founder and CEO Matt Cohen estimated the first wave of vendors served more than 3,500 meals in their first 24 hours in the field. Off the Grid acts as a dispatcher; taking requests from emergency workers who know of areas in need of hot meals and then reaching out to vendor partners nearby. Each vendor is offered $7.50 per meal in compensation, which comes directly out of a gofundme  fund that was established for this very purpose.

To donate to the fund, and for more information on this effort, please click here.