You Have 10 Minutes to Get Out: What Do You Take?

Imagine being told you had ten minutes to evacuate your home, as so many were told last week at 3AM when fires swept through the wine country. Trying to process what is happening, let alone trying to gather all that you need on the fly, would seem an impossible task.

Your best bet is to make an evacuation checklist in advance – one that tells you exactly what you need, and who is responsible for the various things that need to be packed or done. This would eliminate confusion and to some extent panic, as you just move down the list methodically from one item to the next. website provides some wonderful information on what to include in an evacuation checklist, and what you need in your emergency kit. The site also suggests that you conduct evacuation drills, so that everyone knows their parts. It’s important to time these drills as well, to be sure that you are able to complete everything within the allotted ten minutes.

All of this may sound silly, or overly fearful. But if you ever wind up in a situation like this, you’ll be unbelievably glad you planned ahead!  For more information and a sample checklist, click here.