How to Help Those Affected by the Wine Country Fires

We try to always be positive in our posts. There’s enough angst and bad news out there as it is, so we try to make this a safe haven for you. But some things hit close to home, and to ignore them would be simply silly.

In San Francisco we can all see, smell, and taste the smoke in the air — the product of wildfires that broke out and, fanned by strong winds, spread in the wine country just north of us night before last. Napa and Sonoma counties are in flames. The loss of life and property is horrifying. What’s more, when the smoke finally clears, life for many will never be the same, and the landscapes we so cherish will be in places scarred for generations. has created a page that describes what you can do to help, in both the short and long run. The suggestions are very specific and timely, and the page will be updated as recovery efforts continue. We invite you to visit the page, and do what you can, by clicking here.