Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

This is one of the biggest weekends of the year in San Francisco. It all starts with Fleet Week, and the incredible air show that takes place today, Saturday, and Sunday above our City and the bay. Over the same three days, the Hardly Strictly Bluegrass free music festival happens in Golden Gate Park — with 90 performers on seven stages. And Litquake starts tonight with hundreds of authors, poets, and journalists featured in a myriad of separate events over the next nine days.

On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 10/1/17 – 10/7/17

What It Means When You Hear a Home Has Good Bones

Buyers and sellers hear this phrase from time to time, and so we thought we would explain what it means. When someone says, “This home has good bones,” they are often suggesting that while the house on the surface may not be as appealing as others, it possesses some attributes that might make it worth a second look.

In homes with good bones the floor plan flows well so it’s easy to get from one area of a home to another, and it all makes sense based on what you’re doing in these spaces. For example, the kitchen should be next to the dining room, rather than at the opposite end of the house. Homes with good bones typically feel spacious rather than cramped, thanks to ample room size and high ceilings. Meanwhile, large windows let in plenty of natural light.

A home with good bones generally needs little work in terms of major repairs. The infrastructure — such as the foundation, electricity, and plumbing — are all in good shape. You may need to paint the walls, or sand down those hardwood floors, or update that trapped-in-a-1980s-time-warp kitchen. But the good news is cosmetic renovations are less expensive than major repairs.


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