Johnny Doughnuts Has Arrived in Hayes Valley

Yes. We’re talking about Hayes Valley again. So many good places to eat now in this neighborhood! The newest addition is Johnny Doughnuts. According to, the wildly popular doughnut truck operation with a San Rafael shop that’s had to double in size to keep up with demand, is now larger still with the opening of its San Francisco location.

Johnny Doughnuts says all of their artisan doughnuts are handcrafted with the finest organic cool milled wheat flour and ingredients from locally sourced vendors. You’ll find old favorites like classic chocolate and glazed doughnuts, and new interpretations, like their jam filled bismarks, and croissant and doughnut hybrids that they call a “Crodough.” They even have something they call a “Wheat-Free Fritter Thang .”

The new shop is located at 392 Fulton Street, and the place is open from 7AM to 4PM, or until sold out. To visit their website and learn more, click here.


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