Get Ready! It’s Fleet Week!

Fleet Week is here. That means, among other things, the Blue Angels are in town. It’s always a thrilling time, held in October when the sun tends to shine brightest on the Bay. Weeklong activities include remarkable air shows on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, along with practice sessions on Thursday. The week also features the Parade of Ships under the Golden Gate Bridge, which takes place on Friday.

Organizers describe their mission this way:

San Francisco Fleet Week celebrates the rich naval tradition in the Bay Area, honors the men and women serving in today’s armed forces and facilitates annual disaster preparedness training with the Navy, Marines and local first responders.

More than one million people are expected to watch the air shows. They are always loud and breathtaking, made only more so when set against San Francisco’s iconic skyline, bay and bridges.

For times, locations, and more information, click here.