Abalone in Abundance

Good news for those who have gotten up in the middle of the night, driven though a predawn fog to get to some hidden rocky cove on the coast, put on a wetsuit, endured a punishing surf in pursuit of abalone — which under water looks like any other black rock you see down there — and then spent the afternoon pounding the abalone you brought home into an edible steak. You can now just buy it over the counter.

There’s an abalone farm in Davenport, south of San Francisco, that makes getting your hands on — and eating — abalone much easier! American Abalone Farms sells live three inches wide abalone ($3.75 each at the farm) as well as pre-pounded steaks, each consisting of a whole abalone (four for $20).

There are four abalone farms in California, but American Abalone Farms is the closest to the Bay Area, making it a popular option for San Francisco restaurants like Tadich Grill, the Progress, and Cala — along with some local stores and food delivery services. Whereas many other types of wild seafood have limited seasons, the farmed product is sustainable, and available year-round. For more details, click here.


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