Restaurant Critic Declares Hayes Valley the New Mission

When it comes to restaurants, San Francisco’s Hayes Valley is the new Mission, according to San Francisco Chronicle Restaurant Critic and Executive Food and Wine Editor Michael Bauer. He says spots are opening in this neighborhood like they were a few years ago on Valencia Street.

“In the last year alone I’ve reviewed Nightbird, Corridor and A Mano. The latest, RT Rotisserie, adds another great option to the expanding neighborhood and for those visiting one of the nearby performance centers.”

Michael Bauer

RT Rotisserie, the focus of his review, is a quick-serve restaurant with counter service, but there is no compromise in the quality of the food. The critic says the quick-serve concept is the wave of the future. And it makes a lot of sense in the Hayes Valley neighborhood, increasingly filled with young workers who want something fast and good. There’s also a built-in audience during performance season at the nearby opera, symphony, ballet, and jazz venues, for people who want a bite before or after the event.

When describing the chicken at RT Rotisserie, Bauer says, “[it’s] one of the best rotisserie chickens I’ve had. It’s so good that I kept forgetting to use one of the four sauces provided: chimichurri, Douglas fir sour cream, chipotle yogurt and Nanny’s barbecue.”

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RT Rotisserie 101 Oak Street 415.829.7086