Landmark Restaurant Julius’ Castle May Reopen

It’s being reported everywhere, because this really is big news — especially for long-time San Francisco residents.

According to and, the historic Telegraph Hill restaurant Julius’ Castle has been granted permission to reopen after more than a decade of closure. SF Planning Commissioners voted unanimously last week to allow owner and neighborhood resident Paul Scott to proceed with his plan to restore the long-vacant landmark to its glory days, when celebrities like Marlon Brando and Ginger Rogers would pack the dining room to enjoy some of the City’s best views.

Opened in 1922, the “castle” is named for proprietor Julius Roz, an Italian immigrant with regal tastes. He created a fanciful Gothic revival structure with pointed arched windows, medieval-style battlements and interior wood paneling from the 1915 Panama-Pacific International Exposition. The words “Julius’ Castle” were spelled out in redwood at the entrance. Generations of San Francisco families celebrated wedding anniversaries and graduations at the restaurant.

When Roz died in 1943, the property passed through several owners, until it was closed in 2007. The owner at that time hoped to find a buyer for the space who would use it as a residence. Scott bought the castle in 2012, kicking off his years-long effort to bring back Julius’ as a restaurant.


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