Is This the Best Sandwich in San Francisco?

Peter Lawrence Kane with SFWeekly thinks Glena’s chicken torta might be the best sandwich in San Francisco. He describes it this way:

“This torta contains lightly fried chicken on a toasted French roll (like a fat baguette), with lettuce, avocado, cotija, onions, and black beans. The Cal-Mex flavor is strong, the crunch is satisfying without being overwhelming, and even though this is the species of sandwich for which dryness is a genuine risk, the entire shebang manages to be moist — and without tipping into gloppiness. Its vertical structure stays intact to the last bite, and everything is in the right proportion. Simply put, it’s a perfectly constructed sandwich.”

Keep in mind Glena’s isn’t just a sandwich spot — it’s a full Mexican restaurant. Located in Dogpatch, this is a place you’re going to want to visit soon!

632 20th Street


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