Compare and Contrast Their Game 3 Results

On Sunday, ESPN’s headline said it all: “Cavaliers blow 21-point lead in Game 3 as LeBron James disappears.” Music to the ears of Warriors fans everywhere. The Cavaliers are playing the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals, and this was their first loss in the playoffs. Meanwhile, the Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs 120-108 in Game 3 of their series on Saturday night. Golden State has eleven wins and no losses during these playoffs, and will try to close out the Spurs tonight in San Antonio.

The Warriors became just the third team in NBA history to open the playoffs 11-0, matching the Lakers of 1989 and 2001. While the 2001 team won the title, it’s important to note the 1989 team lost in the NBA Finals.

Clearly, there are no sure bets. Nevertheless, even though the Cavaliers just suffered a shocking loss, it still seems Cleveland and the Warriors are destined to face one another in the NBA Finals. Though it will no longer involve two teams that are undefeated in the playoffs, it promises to be epic!


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