Warriors: Largest Conference Finals Comeback in 15 Years!

The Warriors beat the San Antonio Spurs yesterday in the first game of the Western Conference finals, but just barely. The team trailed by as many as 25 points and faced a 20-point deficit at the half. According to ESPN Stats & Information research, it’s the largest comeback win in a conference finals game since 2002, when the Boston Celtics came back from 26 down to beat the New Jersey Nets in Game 3. And it’s tied for the third-largest halftime comeback in NBA postseason history.

At one point the Warriors were so far behind they had a win probability of only 3 percent. Then Spurs star Kawhi Leonard got hurt and had to leave the game, and everything changed. Stephen Curry with a game-high 40 points, and Kevin Durant with 34 points, led the charge back for a 113-111 win.

It was a horrifying, frustrating, dazzling, wonderful game all at the same time. We can’t wait for game 2 tomorrow night. We’re hoping Kawhi Leonard is back in uniform, because without question any series is always better with both teams at full strength. No matter what though, the Warriors have to play better in the first half of tomorrow’s game.


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