Make a Date Today to Visit August 1 Five just included August 1 Five on its list of Hottest Restaurants in San Francisco Right Now, March 2017. It’s no wonder. Chronicle food critic Michael Bauer had wonderful things to say about the restaurant in his review, giving it three and a half stars. He said owner Hetal Shah “is almost doing a public service to the culinary world by bringing unabashedly complex, well-balanced and modern Indian food to our city.”

The Chronicle critic went on to say that every dish is logically and creatively imagined, and every dish offers elements of surprise. SF.Eater described it this way:  “A brightly hued new restaurant from a former techie and the chef from Rasika in DC has landed on Van Ness, offering a new interpretation of traditional Indian cuisine. Small plates, tandoor, and boozy cocktails are part of the charm at lunch and dinner.”

August 1 Five is a modern Indian restaurant named for the date commemorating India’s independence from British rule. Located in the Civic Center neighborhood, this is Indian cuisine rarely seen in the West. The restaurant will be serving menu specials now through April 13 to celebrate Holi.


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