Coach Kerr Says Kevin Durant Is Making Progress

The Warriors have had a nice streak of three wins since suffering some very disappointing losses after Kevin Durant went out with an MCL and bone bruise injury a few weeks ago.

Stephen Curry and Klay Thompson seem to have regained their shooting touch, and Dramond Green is once again playing some unbelievably fierce defense. Still, the team plays in Oklahoma City tonight and that will be another big test for the Durant-less Warriors.

The good news is that, according to coach Steve  Kerr, Durant is making progress. The other day at practice KD was taking jump shots. He’ll join the team on this short road trip to Oklahoma and Texas, but he won’t play.

It’s become very clear that the Warriors need him back if they are to succeed in the playoffs. They currently hold a fragile two game lead over San Antonio in the Western Conference, and – not to rush him – but the sooner that KD returns the better. If nothing else, he’s just a great player and we miss seeing him out there!


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