49ers Hire a New General Manager No One Saw Coming


Stephen Curry was his astounding old self Saturday night in a 46 point win over the Los Angeles Clippers. On Sunday night the Warriors – with Curry out ill – won a nail biter against the Portland Trailblazers 113-111. But the big sports story this weekend involved the 49ers. They hired a new general manager, someone no one saw coming.

His name is John Lynch. He has a Stanford degree, nine Pro Bowl berths and he’s enjoyed a successful broadcasting career. All that said, he possesses no experience as an NFL executive.

Still, he knows presumptive head coach Kyle Shanahan, who apparently gave his blessing. Shanahan is currently the offensive coordinator for the Super Bowl bound Atlanta Falcons. He is expected to be named the 49er coach shortly after the game’s conclusion and the season ends.

After a disastrous 2-win season, and having hired and fired two head coaches in the last two years, the 49ers needed to come up with something big, and even better, unexpected. It appears maybe they have.


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