Another Elimination Game Tonight


The Giants have won nine straight playoff elimination games in recent years, so they know the drill. Still, after losing two in Chicago, if San Francisco wins tonight against the Cubs, they’ve got to win two more games to take this five-games series. That’s a lot of do or die.

As they like to say in sports, let’s take them one game at a time. Tonight, we’ve got Madison Bumgarner on the mound at home, so the odds might actually be in our favor at least for this game. If we win tonight, it’s one more game at AT&T Park on Tuesday, and a final game in Chicago on Thursday if necessary, and we of course hope it will be necessary.

All of this against the Chicago Cubs, a team many consider to be the best in baseball – winner of 103 games during the regular season.

Manager Bruce Bochy hasn’t named his starting pitchers yet for games four and five. Wishful thinking we know, but any chance Madison might be available for those two games?  He’s a great pitcher, a tough competitor, and he can hit home runs – something the Giants could use about now!


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