The San Francisco Giants Have Our Hopes Up Again!


After some truly ugly months of baseball, the Giants suddenly have our hopes up again. They swept the division winning Dodgers over the weekend, and earned themselves a spot in the playoffs. They will face the New York Mets on Wednesday in a single elimination game. The winner goes on to play the Chicago Cubs in a best of five series, and the loser goes home.

Wednesday’s game will feature two great starters, Giant Madison Bumgarner (15-9, 2.74) against Met Noah Syndergaard (14-9, 2.60).

San Francisco has the other teams just where they want them. The Giants have said all along if they can just make it into the playoffs, they like their chances. They’re in, but only by the skin of their teeth. Of course, the Giants won the World Series before after barely making it into the playoffs. Will history repeat itself?

After two and half months of late inning collapses and prolonged hitting droughts, fans are once again thinking the Giants might just have what it takes to go all the way. Not many can honestly say they saw this coming!


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