Would You Like Sharon Meadow to be Renamed to Honor This San Francisco Legend?

cityview Hodgepodge Thursday

Organizer’s of the popular Comedy Day Festival which took place over a week ago in Sharon Meadow, are pursuing to have Sharon Meadow renamed to Robin Williams Meadow in memory of the late comedian. Williams performed at the festival early in his career, and was a frequent surprise guest in recent years of the event.

On top of this, Williams was a huge anonymous benefactor to the event, he even donated the entire budget for the festival on one occasion! Organizers of the event believe renaming Sharon Meadow to Robin Williams Meadow would be a large tribute to his comedic legacy in his native SF.

Renaming the meadow requires the Board of Supervisors Approval and will cost approximately $100,000 to get all signage in the park changed. An online fundraiser supporting the name change has been created, and if you would like to donate you can do so here. What are your thoughts on this?


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