Weekend Events and the Weekly Real Estate Update

Skyline -Its Friday Banner

It’s going to be a busy weekend in Golden Gate Park, as New Belgium’s Tour de Fat hits the City this Saturday. (The event travels to 9 different cities across the US). It is a wacky event with live music, bicycle contests, beer and brewing education. Head to Lindley Meadow from noon to 5pm to catch some of the action. You can purchase tickets here.

If you have been looking for an inexpensive comedy show to attend in the City, Sunday is your lucky day! Get yourself to Sharon Meadow in Golden Gate Park and get ready for the 36th Annual Comedy Day which will see over 40 comedians perform and will run from 12-5pm. To make it even better, the event is free to attend!

If your planning on staying downtown, check out the 2016 Korean Day Cultural Festival which will take place this Saturday from 10am in Union Square.


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 9/11/16 – 9/17/16:

According to a recent SFGate article, a home for sale in the San Francisco metro area gets more online page views from people who live outside the area than 92 percent of other U.S. markets. This means that the City and the Bay Area are incredibly appealing to outsiders.

The report is based on some research conducted by the real estate website Zillow. The company looked at traffic on its own website, and shared its findings. 

It’s worth noting that 50 percent of people already living here are looking at homes outside the market. That’s a greater percentage of residents looking elsewhere than you would find in Portland and Seattle for example. The assumption is these people are looking for less expensive areas in which to purchase a home and live.


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