Holiday Weekend Ahead and Your Weekly Real Estate Update

Skyline -Its Friday Banner

Comic Con hits San Francisco this weekend! The world-renowned convention will take place from today at noon until Sunday September 4th at 5pm. If you’re looking to unleash the inner geek in you and take in some of the excitement of the event, head to  780 Mission Street this weekend.

The Aloha Poly Festival also takes place this Saturday in Golden Gate Park. The event is a celebration of the culture of the Southern Pacific Islands. Live entertainment and dance, local delicacies and vendors selling local crafts and gifts will all be present on the day. You can read more on the festival here.


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 8/28/16 – 9/3/16:

Carole Rodoni, one of our favorite real estate experts, summed things up nicely in a recent column when describing our local market. In the piece, she points out that you’re likely to hear lots of figures about real estate prices, but you need to keep in mind these are typically bundled numbers, and real estate is actually quite fragmented. Real estate isn’t only local, it’s hyperlocal, and it also differs by segment.

Right now, the entry level market is still very hot, the middle tier is steady with prices holding, and the high end of the market has experienced some adjustment, with prices declining a bit.

Is this the right time to buy? Absolutely, she answers, citing features that set San Francisco and the Bay Area apart – we’re a gateway to the Pacific Rim, home to Silicon Valley, renowned universities, cultural diversity, economic opportunity, and more. She adds that by 2040 it’s projected that there will be 2.1 million more people in the Bay Area creating 1.1 million more jobs.

While there will certainly continue to be some fragmentation, in general homes in this region, and in San Francisco, will remain in demand for the foreseeable future!


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