The 49ers Returned to Kezar Yesterday


Are you ready for some football?! You’d better be, because the first preseason game for the 49ers is this Sunday against the Houston Texans. It will take place at Levi’s Stadium in Santa Clara at 4PM. But yesterday, the 49ers returned to San Francisco’s Kezar Stadium, if only for a day. Kezar is where they played from 1946 to 1970, before moving to Candlestick.

This was their only public practice during training camp, and it was a picture perfect day. Blue skies above and red jerseys in the stands.

According to the Chronicle, left tackle Joe Staley’s favorite part of his Kezar experience was the underground walk the players took to the playing field — through a dark, dingy tunnel where, in some spots, water had dripped from the walls and soaked the sand floor. “That’s like old-school gladiator stuff,” he said.

We’re not sure how well the 49ers will do this year, but it was good to see them back in San Francisco, in their old stomping grounds. For photos of the day, click here. For video, click here.


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