Castro Plaza To Get A Makeover

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Good news if you live in the Castro/Upper Market area! Jane Warner Plaza which is situated in a tricky intersection between 17th Street, Market and Castro Streets was created in 2009 as part of the Pavement to Parks initiative. It was one of the most dangerous intersections in the City, so a public space was created to prevent traffic from traveling through 17th Street, in order to resolve the problem.

However, the residents of the area felt the plaza was left to manage itself, with no one being held responsible for its upkeep. The Castro/Upper Market Community Benefit District (Castro CBD) has announced that they will be revitalizing the plaza by adding tables and chairs, the addition of plaza stewards as well as a new light installation. Thanks to a $150,000 city grant Castro CBD is ready to implement changes to the plaza.

The new LED light installation, named “The Seed” was selected through a competitive public process, and should be ready to be installed in the Spring of 2017. You can see pictures of the display in Hoodline’s article on the public space.

The same grant will also be used to expand the Live in the Castro Program, which provides for live performances and other activities in the public space. Plaza stewards will also be introduced to monitor the area, and some landscaping work will also be completed. It is very exciting news for residents of the area who have been concerned about the condition and future of Jane Warner Plaza. For even more details on the revitalization of the plaza, click here.



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