Strength In Numbers About To Be Tested Again Tonight

1B - REV Sports Monday bballmar16

When the Golden State Warriors beat the Cleveland Cavaliers last Friday night in Cleveland, tonight’s game seemed like a foregone conclusion. The thinking was that the Warriors couldn’t possibly lose the next game, given that they had seemed to have broken the Cavaliers’ spirit and they were going to have a chance to win the NBA Championship on their own court in front of their loud and intimidating fans.

Then, the NBA stepped in and suspended Draymond Green for one game.

The Warriors won a bunch of games at the beginning of the season without starter Harrison Barnes. They won four playoff games without MVP Stephen Curry. Can they win tonight without Draymond Green, the only player to play in all 88 Warriors victories this regular season and postseason? One thing is certain, if they do, it will be an epic achievement, a fitting testament to their unfailing belief in their strength in numbers, and a perfect way to close out the most remarkable season in NBA history.


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