Warriors: Half Way There.

1B - REV Sports Monday bballmar16

We don’t want to jinx the series, but the NBA playoffs almost seems anti-climatic. The intensity of the first two games hasn’t compared to the intensity we saw during the regular season, when the Warriors broke a long-standing NBA record by winning 73 games. Or the intensity of the Western Conference championship series, where the Warriors somehow came back after being down 3 – 1 to a ridiculously strong and long Oklahoma City team.

Golden State blew out the Cleveland Cavaliers last night, 110-77. The Warriors’ defense has been phenomenal.

The series resumes in Cleveland Wednesday evening. The Cavaliers lost to the Warriors in last year’s finals and returned this year healthy and rested, with all five starters good to go and some new players added for extra measure. For months they’d been shooting and making three point shots and playing small, all to compete with the Warriors’ style of play.

So far, in two games at Oracle, none of it has worked – thanks to the depth and talent of the Warriors bench. Will things be different in Cleveland? We’ll have to see. But at this point, the Warriors only need to win two more of the remaining games, while Cleveland has to win four more. Not impossible, but the way things have gone so far, it looks like there may be another championship parade in our future!


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