Have You Been To All of These Secret Spots in SF?

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So you’ve been living in the City for a while now and think you have seen everything there is to see? Well there may be more to San Francisco than you had originally thought! We are blessed to live in a City full of hidden gems and secrets around every corner, and there may be some pretty cool sights across the City you aren’t aware of. Let us know if you know of any other hidden treasures throughout SF!

1. The Spire – The Presidio 

This is a towering sculpture constructed by Andy Goldsworthy from the trunks of 37 Monterey cypress trees as part of the Presidio’s reforestation efforts. The Spire rises more than 90 feet into the air!

2.  Casting Pools – Golden Gate Park

Did you know that there are pools by the Golden Gate Park Fields where you can practice your fly fishing? Golden Gate Park is full of suprises!

3. Pug Sunday – Alta Plaza Park

There sure isn’t a shortage of pugs in this City, so I guess this next one is no surprise. A pug meet up takes place on the first Sunday of every month at Alta Plaza Park, and it’s certainly worth checking out!

4. Cayuga Park – Cayuga Terrace

Cayuga Park is truly considered a San Francisco secret. A longterm gardener at Cayuga, Demetrio Braceros, transformed the park into a work of art by creating wooden creatures and totem poles and placing them in and around the flowers and trees.

5. Bernal Slides – Bernal Heights

Tucked away in Bernal Heights you will find two deceptively steep slides where you can let loose and be a child again! The slides were built in the 70’s by volunteers living in the neighborhood with some assistance from the City.


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