SF’s Best Burritos

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Ahhhhh burritos. If there’s one thing that people cannot agree on in this city, it’s whether or not the taquería they have been frequenting for the last few years is the best the city has to offer or not. One thing we can all agree on is that San Francisco has the best burritos in the United States, and there are so many choices it’s difficult to put together a top 5.

We are not here to choose the best in the city, but if you are keen for a burrito and don’t want to be disappointed, one of these hotspots should definitely do the trick.

The Little Chihuahua –  Multiple Locations

With multiple locations throughout the city and raving reviews, TLC must be doing something right. Always consistently good, a little bit pricier than it’s Mission counterparts but still worth it.

La Taquería -2889 Mission St.

One cannot have a list of best burrito spots without including La Taquería. Try their carnitas burrito, voted best burrito in America by FiveThirtyEight.

El Fardito – 2779 Mission St.

Another Mission favorite, these burritos are HUGE. Although there is more than one location throughout the city, this one located at 24th and Mission Street is an all time favorite. Be prepared to wait in line if you crave a late night burrito on the weekend.

El Burrito Express 2 – 1812 Divisadero St.

Moving away from the Mission, El Burrito Express 2 comes with some raving reviews. The NorCal burrito is a must try.

Gordo Taquería – Multiple Locations

Gordo Taquería is ensuring the wonderful people of the Richmond and Sunset can get their good quality, Mexican fix. Try the carne asada super burrito if your feeling peckish, it’s only $6 and might feed your friend as well as you!

Let us know where your favorite burrito spots are!


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