A Roller Coaster of Emotions

1B - REV Sports Monday bballmar16The Warriors had a magical regular season. They had injuries to some key players, but the big three –  Stephen Curry, Klay Thompson, and Draymond Green – got through the season in relatively good health. Now that the post-season has begun, that hasn’t been the case. Steph was injured in the first half of the first game, and after missing the second and third games of this opening series, was hurt again yesterday – again in the first half.

Steph is likely to repeat as the NBA’s MVP – Most Valuable Player. If these injuries are frustrating for us, imagine how he feels. He is a fierce competitor, and he desperately wants to be on the court. He accepted missing two games as he worked his way back from a foot injury. Now he probably has to go through that same process for his injured knee, only it might take longer.

The Warriors exploded in the third quarter without Steph, scoring 41 points and holding Houston to 21. You could feel their determination in every pass, shot and defensive stand. The sense is that they can beat Houston on Wednesday night when they return to Oakland with or without Steph, and wrap up the series.

The question becomes, once again, when will Steph be able to return. The Warriors have proven they can beat the Rockets without him, but the next round may be another story all together.


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