Celebrating Earth Day in San Francisco

3 - Wednesday Weekend Planner earth16

This Saturday welcomes the 46th Anniversary of Earth Day in San Francisco. What is Earth Day you may be asking? Well, it’s an event that promotes environmental responsibility and showcases eco-friendly entrepreneurship in a fun environment!

The main event of the occasion will be the Festival and Street Fair, which will take place from 10am-7pm at 22nd and Valencia. Those behind the organizing of Earth Day hope to bring people together and promote ways to maintain a healthy planet. It is an eco-friendly event where people are encouraged to turn off their electronic devices for the day and ‘turn on to the world around them.’

Expect to see an array of music acts across three stages, informative presentations from engaging speakers, hands on workshops, celebrity chef showcase, an organic food court as well as much more! The best part, is that it’s FREE for everyone to attend!

Also in association with Earth Day, Buffalo Exchange will be having a huge $1 sale in their store on Haight to influence people to buy their clothes second hand. If you are on a budget this is certainly worth checking out!

More information on the Earth Day Festival can be found here.




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