The Best Parody Twitter Accounts of San Francicso

4 - REV Hodgepodge Thursday twitter

With San Francisco being the home of Twitter, you would expect the Twittersphere to be a big deal in this city. Everyone needs a bit of fun in their newsfeed as they scroll through their followers’ updates, and to our delight, even San Francisco landmarks have their own accounts! If you’re looking for a light hearted laugh while potentially gaining some information on what’s going on around San Francisco, these parody accounts are a must follow.

1. Karl the Fog – @KarlTheFog

Karl the Fog certainly doesn’t need any introduction to San Franciscans and this page is huge with over 123k followers. Follow @KarlTheFog to document his moves and unpredictable behavior!

2. San Francisco Cable Car – @SF_CableCar

Ding Ding! One of the most iconic features of the city has to have an opinion on what’s going on in the City.

3. Golden Gate Bridge – @TheGGBridge

Our most famous landmark keeps us entertained by posting some beautiful photos of itself that never get old.

4. AT&T Park Seagull – @ATTSeagull 

Remember those pesky seagulls trying to grab one of your garlic fries during the game? Well now they have a voice on Twitter. Follow the AT&T Park Seagull to get updates on the  Giants’ games from a bird’s eye view.

5. SF Siren – @SFSiren

As you would expect, there are a lot of WAAAAAAA noises coming from this page.


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