Best Mobile Apps for Foodie’s Living in SF

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There’s no doubt about it – this city is filled to the brim with techies and foodies. It’s really no wonder that there is a huge selection of apps on your phone that will make the San Francisco food scene all the better for you. Whether you are looking for a quiet night in and need some takeout ASAP or you are out and about but not sure where to head to, there really is an app for it here in SF. We have done the hard work for you and handpicked which foodie apps we think deserve a spot on your smartphone.

Scoutmob – iPhone, Android, Free.

Scoutmob tracks down the best deals in your area from local stores and restaurants to events and everything in between. They also have a map feature which means as soon as you see a deal you like you can get there right away.

Tablehopper – iPhone, $2.99.

Got the late night munchies? Tablehopper can help you out. The app lists over 95 different restaurants that are serving food past 10pm and into the night. The app prides itself on listing unique locations across town and also gives you some details on the restaurant and what is recommended.

Roaming Hunger iPhone, Android, Free.

This is our favorite of the bunch. With the success of Off the Grid throughout the city, it’s clear that San Franciscans love their food trucks. If you’re craving food from your favorite food truck but have no idea where it is located, Roaming Hunger can help you track it down, as well as showing you all the other options parked throughout the city.

Munchery – iPhone, Android, Free.

One of the many food delivery apps offered to us here in the city, but we think this one is the best. A vast selection of meals, reasonable prices and delivery even when you’re not at home to pick it up makes it a Win, Win, Win!

FarmBox SF – iPhone, Android, Free.

If you are a lover of farmers’ markets but can never make time to attend, you will love this app.  FarmBox delivers a selection of locally sourced organic baskets right to your door with kitchen essentials to keep you full and healthy for the week ahead.


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