Facts about San Francisco you may not have known.

4 - REV Hodgepodge Thursday newThere are certainly some very well known facts about the City that the majority of the population will more than likely know – for example that the City consists of A LOT of hills, or that the Golden Gate Bridge is one of our most popular tourist attractions. Today we have decided to bring to your attention some facts about our city that are not so well known.

  1. The bear on the Californian flag comes from a grizzly named Monarch, who was held in Golden Gate Park from 1889 until 1911 when he passed away.
  2. In 1901, burials were made illegal in San Francisco. The majority of the remains were taken to cemeteries in Colma, CA where the dead currently outnumber the living by 1000 to 1.
  3. Although San Francisco’s Lombard Street receives a lot of attention due to it’s windy bends and steep decline it is not the cities steepest road. This title belongs to Filbert Street, between Hyde and Leavenworth.
  4. While Al Capone was detained in Alcatraz he gave performances to other prisoners on Sundays with the inmate band “The Rock Islanders”.
  5. San Francisco International Airport is supported by 267 columns that each rest on a steel ball bearing, allowing the ground to move 20 inches in any direction in the event of an earthquake.

You can find even more unusual facts about San Francisco here.


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