How City Hall Thinks The City Is Doing


It seems in recent weeks we’ve done nothing but report on the Warriors on Mondays. We’re going to give it a rest this week, because we need a break from the action. The Warriors lost to the Spurs in San Antonio, but three of Golden State’s best players were out with injuries, and the team is still on pace to break the all time wins record held by the 1995-96 Chicago Bulls. That’s all you get from us today on the Warriors.

In the meantime, according to Curbed SF, the City and County of San Francisco has introduced City Performance Scorecards, providing you with some insight into how the City sees itself performing in a number of categories, including general livability, transportation, public safety, and the economy.

The pages are very user friendly, and actually provide you with lots of good information at a glance, and you can drill down to see even more. We see a lot of green buttons, and not many red, which would suggest things are pretty good in San Francisco because according to their legend, green means meeting targets, and red means missing targets.


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