Opening Day of Macy’s Flower Show

3 - Wednesday Weekend Planner flowers16

It’s finally here! This Sunday, March 20, will see the opening of the 2016 Annual Macy’s Flower Show in Union Square. The event marks the beginning of Spring and is celebrated in other prominent cities throughout the country, including New York, Philadelphia and Chicago.

This years theme “America the Beautiful” honors the variety of landscapes throughout the U.S., from the tropics to the rugged mountainous regions, we really live in a country of diverse scenery and terrain.

“Our annual celebration of spring this year will take us on a journey through our own backyards, one that is rich with magnificent landscapes that evolve from desert to tropics and everything in between,” said Mike Gansmoe, executive producer of Macy’s Flower Show.

Guests can expect to see a variety of lavish floral displays throughout the store, along with an array of art, live music, shopping sprees and food demonstrations.

You will be able to catch a glimpse of the Flower Show from March 20th – April 3rd, and you can find out more information here.


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