The 36th Annual Academy Awards Night Gala

4th-of-July-BannerThe Academy of Friends hosts A GATHERING OF ROYALS this Sunday at the San Francisco Design Center from 5 to 10PM. Ticket sales for the Annual Academy Awards Night Gala benefit HIV/AIDS Services in the San Francisco Bay Area.

This is traditionally one of the best parties of the year. Tickets run from $220 to $750 each. There’s also a silent auction. This though is fundraising at its best, with an emphasis on fun. You’ll enjoy food provided by the Bay Area’s finest restaurants and caterers, along with wine and champagne served up by amazing vintners.

Part of the fun of course is watching the 2016 Oscars® with others, and you’ll be able see the show from virtually every conceivable angle in the Galleria.  Following the broadcast there will be live entertainment, dj dancing and even an after party at a second site.

Who needs to be in L.A. for the Awards, when one of the best parties that night is right here in San Francisco.


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