Foodie Tuesday: The Tosca Cafe House Cappuccino

Foodie-Tuesday-BannerThis cold and cozy weather has us thinking about warm cocktails, and the second-most-famous “cocktail” in San Francisco (which happens to predate its better-known relative, the Irish coffee), Tosca Cafe’s House Cappuccino fits the bill. Since it’s debut in 1919 this caffeinated cocktail has been a hit with San Franciscans – even though the first versions weren’t that good!

When Tosca reopened in late 2013, bar manager Isaac Shumway found purpose in remaking the classic. “It was something worth making really special,” he says. On Tosca’s new cappuccino menu, you’ll find five versions inspired by the original (think ancho chili liqueur and hot chocolate), but for your at-home pleasure, the house recipe here should satisfy any late-afternoon slump.

House Cappuccino

Serves 1
3 to 5 ounces cream
2 ounces house cappuccino mix
½ ounce Buffalo Trace Bourbon
½ ounce Marie Duffeau Armagnac

Equipment needed:
Electric milk frother
Irish coffee glass, heat-tempered glass, or large coffee mug

1. Heat cream in a small pot until nearly simmering, and then turn heat off.
2. Use milk frother to create foam. Set aside.
3. In a separate pot, heat the 2 ounces of cappuccino mix on low, whisking constantly so it doesn’t burn. Turn heat off just before it simmers. Use milk frother to aerate slightly.
4. Pour cappuccino mix into Irish coffee glass, and then add bourbon and Armagnac.
5. Top with hot cream and foam. Serve.

For more info, click here.


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