Weekend Planner & Your Weekly Dose of Real Estate News

Friday-BannerThere’s plenty going on in the City this weekend; here are a few things that caught our eye. This weekend in Treasure Island is the 20th annual International Dragon Boat Festival, featuring upwards of 140 dragon boat teams and 4,000 dragon boat paddlers racing 500 and 300 meter courses. For more information on the festivities, click here.

Also this weekend is the 2015 Tour de Fat Bike & Beer Festival in Golden Gate Park. This event will have a plethora of bikes, beer, live music, and recycling. For more information, click here.


On the “Homes for Sale in San Francisco” front, here’s our report for this week, 9/13/15 – 9/19/15:

Many new listings have come on the market since Labor Day. It’s an exciting time of year for both sellers and buyers. While our fall selling season is not quite as big as our spring selling season, the energy in fall is more palpable because the time frame is more compressed. September and October are active months, and then things begin to slow down as the holidays arrive.

In the coming weeks we’ll have to see what all of this means in terms of home prices.

We saw a preliminary report from the research firm CoreLogic that said there are unsustainable home prices in 14 metro areas. The good news is, San Francisco was not among the top five. The Austin-Round Rock metropolitan area is the most overvalued according to the report, at 42.3 percent above its sustainable level. Houston, Charleston, Miami and Washington D.C. followed, with the latter overvalued by 19.2 percent. San Francisco wasn’t mentioned in the partial list we saw.


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